SchoolMaker VS. Teachizy

A Teachizy alternative that helps you create online courses that bring results

In this article, you will see a comparaison of Teachizy and Schoolmaker, which gives you modern built-in communities linked to your programs, coaching features, and the ability to do video QnAs to answer all your member's questions quickly. With SchoolMaker, you get a future-proof solution for your online courses.

When creating SchoolMaker, we had a clear idea of what we wanted to focus on: your students' results, so you can make more money.

So this is why our tool doesn't have features that other all-in-one course hosting tools have like landing page creation or sending emails. We think that there are already amazing tools like Webflow or Carrd for creating your landing pages, and great Email Service Providers like ConvertKit or ActiveCampaign that do the job very well.

Here is a comparaison between SchoolMaker and Teachizy:

SchoolMaker all plans
SchoolMaker Logo
Teachizy Pro
Teachizy Logo
Online courses
Post video online courses with resources and comments for each lesson.
Learn more about SchoolMaker's online courses.
Unlimited Products
Sell as many courses as you want.
Create quizzes in your lessons, and check the results of your students.
Drip courses
Unlock content at predetermined times, based on each student’s purchase date.
Lessons in any format
Videos, PDFs, text, images, or embed anything: you can teach however you want.
Steps and Milestones
Show your clients that they are on the path to success from the moment they buy.
Learn more about SchoolMaker's Steps & Milestones feature.
Advanced Metrics to track your student progress
See what steps are hard to complete for your students and improve your course over time.
Built-in Community
Get your own built-in community for your courses and get rid of distractions.
Learn more about SchoolMaker's Community feature.
Posts, replies, reactions, private messages
Everything you need for a modern community.
Customizable notifications
Send in-app or email notifications for new posts, replies, and reactions.
Live chat
You and students can chat live.
Lesson comments are automatically posted in the community
This is a great way to encourage peer-to-peer learning.
Advanced Features
Live events
Easily schedule and replay group calls.
Learn more about SchoolMaker's Live feature.
Automated Video Q&As
All you have to do is to show up, record your screen, and answer your student's questions.
Learn more about SchoolMaker's Consultations feature.
1 on 1  & group coaching
Coach your students in 1 on 1 calls or in groups to help them get great results.
Let your tool collect fantastic testimonials on your behalf.
Learn more about SchoolMaker's Testimonial Collection feature.
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What sets SchoolMaker apart from Teachizy

Change lives with actual step by step programs

SchoolMaker allows you to set specific steps for your students to follow at the end of each lesson. And it remembers at which step they left off. You’ll never again get an email asking “What should I do next?”

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SchoolMaker Steps and Milestones
SchoolMaker Community

Offer a seamless experience with a built-in community

Go beyond Facebook / Slack / Discord with your own community built straight into your course.
And with a smart notification system and email reminders, you can encourage insightful conversations (not just “likes” and shallow comments).

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The easiest way to schedule & replay group coaching calls

Connect SchoolMaker with Zoom to schedule group coaching calls without leaving your school.

Your clients can see upcoming calls they have access to, get reminders and join the calls - all in one place.

Even better : if you have any paid Zoom account, SchoolMaker can host replays automatically. You won’t have to upload yourself, nor risk running out of Zoom storage space.

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Zoom Integration in SchoolMaker
SchoolMaker Consultations

Save hours each week with automated video Q&As

Simply the best way to answer everyone’s questions in less than 2 hours a week, even if you have thousands of members.

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Show off you results thanks to automated testimonial collection

Trigger a testimonial request as soon as a member reaches a major milestone, like getting their first client.
SchoolMaker even coaches your students through the process so that they can give you the most specific, valuable, and persuasive testimonial.

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SchoolMaker Testimonials
I’m seeing a real increase in engagement.
For example, I had a live session on Saturday and there were a lot of questions, even though no one usually wants to talk.
Having a forum helps a lot. They feel like they are part of a group.
Cyril M.
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