Answer all of your week's questions in one single video

All you have to do is to show up, record your screen, and talk. We’ll handle the rest.

Answer every single question in less than 2 hours a week

People want direct access to you, but you don’t have time to answer dozens of emails a week.

Our co-founder found a way out of that hell: as a teacher with thousands of students, he went from drowning in his inbox to personally answering every single question in less than 2 hours a week.

The solution was simple: doing it on video, in one batch, on Wednesday afternoons. But this process still involved an employee spending hours collecting the questions into slides and uploading the recorded answers. SchoolMaker solved this problem for good.

SchoolMaker Consultations - selecting questions
SchoolMaker Consultations - Selected questions

Easily take questions

Put an end to random questions at any time of day and night. Let your students know that there is one place to ask questions. You’ll answer at a set time, which could be weekly, monthly, or whatever you decide. No more stress for you about unanswered questions, no more uncertainty for your students as to when they’ll get a reply.

Just speak and share your knowledge

SchoolMaker puts all the questions into a great-looking interface, ready for screen recording.

You just have to show up, hit record, and answer one question after another. No starts and stops, no typing - just one continuous flow. You’ll tear through dozens of questions in an hour.

SchoolMaker Consultations - Recording
SchoolMaker Consultations - Recording timer

Timecodes are added automatically

Upload the full video to SchoolMaker: your work is done. We detect where each question starts and stops.

Then we send an email to each student with a link to their answer. Any member can opt into an email digest of all the Q&As.

Build an archive of answered questions

You should only have to answer each question once. All your past answers are archived and cataloged with a helpful tag system. Over time, you’ll build a giant archive of content that future students can easily refer to.

SchoolMaker Consultations - Archive
SchoolMaker Live Q&A

Do it live

Prefer to answer questions live? No problem. Just share your screen on the live call and answer the questions sent in advance - plus those that come in live. You’ll still be able to use auto timecodes and archives.

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