Easily schedule and replay group calls

Your calendar, your calls and your replays in one place.

Schedule one-time or recurring group calls

You just have to add a link to your Zoom or Google Meets call.

Live feature SchoolMaker - Live creation
Live feature SchoolMaker - Lives on school

Display upcoming calls in your school

You students can see all upcoming calls in a dedicated tab without leaving your school. When the time has come, they can join today’s call with a single click.

Decide who can join each call

With SchoolMaker’s powerful Offer system, you can fine-tune access to each call. Anyone with access to a specific course? Only those who joined in the last 3 months? Only those with an active subscription? You decide.

Live feature SchoolMaker - Live access
Live feature SchoolMaker - Subscribe to live notifications

Let students get notified (or not)

SchoolMaker will automatically notify your students before a call starts. But they can easily opt out of these notifications (or only turn them on for specific calls).

Automatically host replays

If you have any paid Zoom account, you can record your calls to the cloud.

The only issue? Space is very limited - and you still have to manually send a link to your students.

SchoolMaker can automatically download replays from your Zoom account, and upload them to your school.

This way, everything is one place and your students get notified when the replay is available - without you having to do anything.

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