A step-by-step progression that brings results to your students

Show your clients that they are on the path to success from the moment they buy.

Add specific steps
below each lesson

No more passive watching. Your students will know exactly what they should do before moving on.

Steps feature
design any type of step

Create any kind of step

If the step is simple, a checkbox might be enough. For more complex actions, you can also ask your students to type their answer into a text field, post a URL, upload a file or even answer a quiz. All of those inputs will be visible to you in each member’s profile.

Encourage them to
post in the community

Create a “share in the community” step to make sure everyone is sharing their progress. You can set a specific destination topic (like an “introduce yourself” thread) and even a template to follow.

Encourage them to
post in the community

Keep your members focused with Milestones

In the day-to-day of following your course, it’s easy to forget what the end goal is. Milestones are a special type of step that marks a big achievement in your client’s journey, like making their first sale, mastering a skill or reaching a fitness goal.

They’ll see the next Milestones each time they log in to your program, so they never forget what they are working towards.

See who is stuck and where

See what steps are giving people trouble and improve your course over time. You can even reach out with specific advice and encouragement.

See who is stuck and where
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