Sell one-on-one coaching sessions

Everything you need to sell coaching and help your students succeed.

Sell coaching sessions as standalone products or as a bonus to your Courses

Coaching is integrated with the Offer system to allow you to combine your Programs, Spaces, Consultations, Lives and Coaching as you see fit.

sell coaching sessions
create appointments in schoolmaker

Create appointments directly on the platform

Integrate your calendar tool (like Calendly or to allow your members to see their remaining sessions and book appointments in one place.

Automatic countdown of the remaining coaching time or sessions

The time allocated to each member is counted in sessions or minutes - your choice. Each session is deducted from the total. You can even give an expiration date to purchased sessions, or manually add time to a member.

coaching hours left
SchoolMaker Checkout - Referrals

Affiliate marketing

Enroll affiliates to make more sales and easily see what you owe them.

upload file coaching

Private hosting of replays

Add the recording of your coaching session: it will only be visible to the member who was part of this specific coaching session.

Advanced offer management

Need to give lifetime access to the videos, but limit coaching to 90 days? Want to have a paid community without a course? Each part of your offer can follow custom rules.

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