Get paid easily, with no transaction fees

Everything you need to take payments and create advanced offers that maximize your sales.

Take payment through Stripe - with no additional transaction fees

SchoolMaker doesn’t take a cut of your revenue. You’ll only have to pay Stripe’s standard fees.

SchoolMaker Stripe integration
SchoolMaker Creating offers

Sell one time products, payment plans, or subscriptions

Set up your business the way you want.

Smooth, high-converting checkout

Great for your clients. Great for your sales.

SchoolMaker Checkout - Referrals

Affiliate marketing

Enroll affiliates to make more sales and easily see what you owe them.

SchoolMaker Zapier integration

Integrate with any cart system through Zapier

If you already have a checkout system you love, you don’t have to give it up. We offer a native integration to ThriveCart (more coming), and you can use any cart you want via Zapier.

Advanced offer management

Need to give lifetime access to the videos, but limit coaching to 90 days? Want to have a paid community without a course? Each part of your offer can follow custom rules.

SchoolMaker offers

Give discounts with Promo codes

You can create promo codes to give special discounts to your customers, and make more sales.

Referral system

Boost your sales by sharing our referral system with your members!

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